martes, mayo 29, 2007

Analyst: PS3 Price Cut May Be Too Little, Too Late

Parece que siguen las opiniones encontradas con la PS3, tras ver que las ventas no despegan, algunos estudios de desarrollo están, o retrasando sus títulos o simplemente replanteando su estrategia. Esperemos que las cosas no vayan a más, aunque las voces en contra no paran de escucharse:

Analyst: PS3 Price Cut May Be Too Little, Too Late: "Sony is caught between a rock and a hard place. If they don't cut the PS3 price significantly they may not drive sales, but if they do drop price, profitability becomes an issue. Bank of America analyst Mike Savner believes a price drop may not be enough, and that the success of the Wii could actually hurt publishers.

He continued, 'Based on our analysis, we conclude that a $100 price cut for the PS3 (we have dismissed a potential $50 cut as meaningless) would still leave the 'all-in' cost for a PS3 console and basic accoutrements 20-25% higher than the comparable Xbox 360, and does not even reflect the possibility that Microsoft could also lower its hardware prices. Further, an important driver of Sony hardware last cycle was exclusive games, such as Grand Theft Auto. Unfortunately, Sony does not have a similar advantage this cycle. Halo 3, a highly anticipated game release this year is a Microsoft-published game only for the Xbox, and Grand Theft Auto IV, by Take-Two's Rockstar unit, is being released on both the Sony and Xbox platforms.'

Savner noted that Sony made a number of mistakes. Consumers are far more price sensitive than they anticipated; consumers are wary/indifferent to Blu-ray (a main driver of the PS3 cost); and Sony didn't have enough compelling exclusives at launch."

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