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ATI trabaja en la nueva serie 2950XTX

Después de su fiasco con la 2900XTX, parece que ATI se centra en la nueva serie para desbancar del trono a la poderosa 8800GTX... NVIDIA no se duerme en los laureles, y hace ya algunos meses que comentó estar trabajando en 8900 y 8950, parece que ATI va a tener que hacer un sobre esfuerzo para limpiar un poco su imagen, despues de la desilusión de su procesador R600.

TechAmok - Independent Technology News:
"ATI is working hard to launch Radeon HD 2950 Series - [hardware]
10:51 AM EDT - May,21 2007 - post a comment

The chaps over at Fudzilla report that ATI is working hard to release its R650 chip. The 65 nanometre chip is getting closer to launch day by day and aims for some high clocks. This won't just be a simple die shrink of an existing marchitecture as ATI plans to redesign some parts of the chip. The major architectural difference is that R650 will have more texture power as this was recognizes as one of the weakest points of R600. ATI aims for higher clocks, closer to 1,000MHz and obviously it will improve the usage of the available bandwidth. As the chip is going to be shrunk, you can expect significantly less energy consumption. All together this will be what R600 was suppose to be, a Geforce 8800 GTX / Ultra killer, but the problem is that Nvidia will also have something new by the time ATI finishes R650.

The R650's cards (Radeon HD 2950 XTX and HD 2950XT) should be available in August/September 2007. But can we really trust ATI in its plans? :-)"

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