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HTC Hero: Android UI Customized

HTC Hero: Android UI Customized By HTC

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A few days ago we saw the pimped out Haykuro baked HTC Hero Build running on the G1
- I’m sure you remember that. Well now we have more… more HTC and less
Android. HTC has practically made a living by taking the lackluster
Windows Mobile OS and completely buttering it up and sexifying it with
their TouchFlo 3D User Interface. Looks like they plan to do the same
for Android:

Up to now we’ve seen the exact same UI across all models of Android
to date, but that won’t last long. Remember, Google is working with
carriers to help them customize their offerings and the latest example
of this is with the HTC Magic. In some Asian locations the HTC Magic is being sold with Microsoft Exchange support, with Google saying, “Android does not currently include support for Microsoft Exchange.”

that. But manufacturers and carriers are able to customize Android
however they want? Exactly. These versions of the HTC Magic with
Exchange support won’t come with any of those “with Google” slogans.
In that same manner, the HTC Hero could be a 100% unique TouchFlo 3D
experience that is based on Andriod but doesn’t include the “with
Google” slogan.

I’d be happy to “exchange” my “with Google” branded G1 for a UI like this… or at least give it a shot.

Si les fué bien, porqué no hacerlo ahora con su nuevo HTC?, he visto algún otro vídeo por ahí y la verdad que les ha quedado muy bien!

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