lunes, mayo 28, 2007

16 procesadores de AMD dan menos rendimiento que 8 de Intel

Una Mala noticia para AMD, que ve como Intel le gana la mano. Pot lo que parece 8 procesadores de Intel tienen mayor desempeño que 16 de AMD... veremos mas sobre esto en adelante.

TechAmok - Independent Technology News: "Intel is demonstrating a dual quad-core Xeon system at the Microprocessor Forum that is supposedly faster than four quad-core Barcelona processors. The machine is equipped with Intel's Workstation Board S5000XVN, 2 quad-core Xeons 5365, clocked at 3GHz and 16GB RAM. And the results are simply impressive: Intel scored over 4,900 pixels per seconds versus a little bit over 4,000 for AMD's 4 sockets quad-core (Barcelona) system. Again, this is an AMD 16 cores system versus Intel's 8 cores V8 machine."

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