lunes, mayo 28, 2007

La Union hace la fuerza en el Silent Hunter 4

Si la gente se organiza, es capaz de "obligar" a sacar un parche a una empresa como Ubi.
Bien hecho!.

Evil Avatar - Silent Hunter 4 will get a 1.3 patch thanks to fans.: "Silent Hunter 4 will get a 1.3 patch thanks to fans.
Silent Hunter 4 was release with a myriad of bugs. These bugs were attempted to be fixed via 2 different patches, however the game remained very buggy and unstable. Ubisoft was on the fence about continuing to support SH4, ready to jump ship and leave it to slowly sink beneath the problems. That is until the forum community got involved.

Silent Hunter Patch 1.3 officially announced.

As anyone familiar with the sim community knows, there are some very dedicated and demanding fans in that genre. Bug lists were formed and sent to Ubisoft, yet the official response was that a 1.3 patch was very unlikely. that is when a few dedicated SH4 fans over at the Ubisoft forums began organizing.

They formed polls and the typical forum threads to get Ubisoft's attention. Finally, krazyfrenchman over at the forums organized a 2-day call in to the Ubisoft support lines. Apparently Ubisoft received so many calls that memos were distributed to all the techs and a few days later Ubi announced that they would continue to support SH4 and try to clean up the mess that currently is Silent Hunter 4.

Some good news for the sub sim community and for all gamers who think that publishers never listen to the customer."

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